Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Importance of Arthrography with Sim Hoffman

Arthrography is a big part the medical field that Sim Hoffman has studied for years. This medical technique consists of finding internal problems with images. The common way to perform this is to inject a fluid into the body, where it will be absorbed by the joints to create a spot that stands out. This is a type of x-ray called fluoroscopy, where the liquid injected is used to find the problem with the joint. This procedure is effectively targeted solely towards the health of the joints in the body. 

                                    Sim Hoffman

The procedure of arthrography is injecting a special fluid into the bloodstream, where it is eventually absorbed into the joints of the body. Direct arthrography is similar, except the fluid is injected directly into the joint itself. The radiologist is able to clearly see the anatomy and any possible problems with the joint, thanks to the fluid making it clearly visible. As the possible damage to joints increases with age, this medical procedure is clearly needed for those who may suffer from such conditions.

Arthrography is itself a part of the bigger family of radiology that allows radiologists to use certain techniques to get a clear picture of the internal joint and any possible damage to it. Sim Hoffman has used this technology for years to diagnose patients, as well as recommend the best course of action for them to take. The various procedures of radiology re important for medical treatments, and arthrography is certainly no exception to this fact.